Link is no help at all to passengers

FOLLOWING your front-page article on the red bus lanes, I attended the display in west St Leonards. I asked a staff member there did he know how many buses use that road. Not a clue! Answer five per hour.

Following that, I went on the website and completed the enquiry form.

I also emailed the link to Councillors Birch, Webb and Hodges; and Amber Rudd. No response from our councillors and Amber just asked for any comments received from East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

With such an important scheme being mooted, I did think I would receive some sort of response. What does this say about our councillors?

The link for this scheme:

I hope your readers go to this link, see how appallingly planned it is and complete the enquiry form. But be quick; it must be in by the end of the month.



St Leonards