Like an ‘old shoe’ cast out

WITH the phasing-out of the age-related allowances, all tax-paying pensioners face a tax hike of at least £66 each year.

It will therefore take 644 pensioner tax increases to pay for the £42,500 annual tax cut of just one person earning £1,000,000 every year. Is this what they mean by the Big Society? As this constituency has a high proportion of pensioners, but probably not many people earning £1 million, it will be interesting to see whether our MP supports or opposes the Chancellor in the Commons’ vote. I have spent all my life working and paying tax and National Insurance, of which 25 years were spent in the Royal Navy and included the Falklands campaign.

I am beginning to fully appreciate the feelings of the proverbial ‘old shoe’ when cast out at the end of a useful working life.


Old London Road