Lighting is at ridiculously low level

I would like to reply to the letter on the subject of street lighting from Jane Smith (Observer, August 22).

I am in complete agreement with what she is saying in as much as since the council has deemed it necessary to dim our street lighting to an absolute ridiculous low level the streets have now become a mugger’s/burglar’s/car thief’s paradise, you can hardly see your hand in front of your face.

Before this happened the old orange lighting was perfect, as you could see everything clearly. I live in a small close of off Filsham Road and whereas before I could look out of my bedroom window and could clearly see the whole of the close all of the cars parked in their driveways were perfectly clear and you would be able to see any movements.

But now look out and it’s almost pitch black. If anybody was lurking around trying to break into any of the cars then you would not see them.

I am perfectly aware that there are other lighting products on the market that could give as much economy but with a brighter light which is what we need, or the council could return our streets to the decent orange lighting we were used to.

Gordon King

Cypress Close

St Leonards