Life used to be so much simpler

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WHAT has happened to Hastings that it now seems commonplace to see that someone has been stabbed or murdered?

Let’s think of recent events. Oh yes, we had the burning down of the pier, we have murders, student attacks, drugs, vandalism, dodgy cigarettes and alcohol, attacks and people afraid to walk out alone. Oh let us not forget the threats of looting last year.

It was not that long ago that we had the Talk up Hastings Appeal. Where did it all go and was it really that the summers were longer, the grass was greener and things were oh so much simpler a couple of years ago? There seems to be no respect for our elders or other peoples property, no one takes responsibility for their actions (but the European Union can tell us how to weigh our vegetables and this is treated with more severity than crime).

The penal system appears too soft and the punishment should in fact fit the crime.

I’m no oldie but I used to enjoy a stroll to work in the morning during the spring and summer months, even if I could now I don’t think I would dream of doing it for fear of upsetting someone. When did we all get so ‘used to it’? This is certainly not a world I want to grow old in as it is and I appreciate that times are difficult for everyone with the recession but surely we should expect more?

I don’t know, maybe I am just an old cynic now like my grandparents were in the day and I am just not ‘moving’ with the times but come on, enough is enough. This has to stop soon or this world will just be filled with hatred and destruction. Let us, join together as a united community and say ‘no more’. There are so many wonderful things in this world that move me regularly and yet the state of this makes me weep.


Harold Road