Letters give a voice to the voiceless

RE: Elaine Fais’s letter of August 26 (Moaning readers just need to get over it), Ms Fais, from Eastbourne, straight away reveals that she knows little of the situation in Hastings and St Leonards as she refers to ‘an old gatehouse’ at Archery Road being developed when this is not at all the case.

People who live here are aware that we have, though, sadly lost several beautiful historic buildings, including Hastings Cottage and Ore House, and those who love our town (fortunately rather numerous) feel we must fight to preserve the special heritage we have.

When such buildings are lost, they are usually not replaced with architect-designed buildings of similar beauty but by low-spec, high-yield, intensive housing (such as blocks of flats and tiny, boxy houses).

Ms Fais would have us cease being ‘boring’ ‘moaning minnies’ and ‘get over it’, ‘just get used to it’, ‘we’ll have to live with it’, to ‘just give over’.

At the risk of incurring Ms Fais’s wrath, I feel I must assure her and the residents of Hastings and St Leonards that many of us intend to do no such thing.

If you are in any doubt, take a look at www.hastingswatchdog.org.uk.

Residents largely want to make their town a better place to live in, and to achieve fairness within the planning system.

Writing to the press is often their only outlet, one of the few democratic processes left to them, and it is a comfort to know that the local newspaper is listening – something people feel is not the case with the council – and I know the Observer will totally ignore any plea to stop allowing contributors to write in with their ‘grievances’; it is, after all, what a newspaper is all about.


Terrace Road

St Leonards