Letter was a nasty piece of work

WHAT a nasty, smug letter was printed last week (Observer, April 12) from Labour Ore Councillor Richard Street.

Cllr Street in his lengthy attack on your previous correspondents’ genuine concerns about the conversion of the Oddfellows Arms into a Tesco Express, attempts to wash both his and the council’s hands of any blame in this tragedy for existing hard-pressed traders in Ore Village.

”We have to follow the laws of the land,” he says in pathetic resignation. I really wonder what on earth is the point of having a local council representative if the best they can do is to dismiss with such a superior arrogance their constituents’ genuine concerns.

Cllr Street proudly boasts of abstaining in the planning committee’s vote - how very brave - and goes on to say, “I agree that we are adequately provided with local shops in Ore but this is not a planning consideration.” So no choice then for the council other than to roll over and kick its legs in the air?

The council could and should, in my opinion, have made representations to the Secretary of State and made it very clear that they objected to this threat to small businesses in Ore. It should have objected when the request came to extend the Oddfellows premises and it should have enlisted the help of the MP to challenge the Tesco proposal.

If our planning councillors are only going to follow meekly The Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, as quoted by Cllr Street, what chance does current local opinion have? Not much I would suggest.


Former Hastings councillor

All Saints Street