Letter trivialises levels of disrepair

IN his rush to see his name in print, Mr Benson has just not read, nor understood, my letter of April 11.

At no point have I said that all landlords are bad nor implied that all tenants are good. His unfortunate rant makes it quite clear he believes the opposite. While he seems to begrudgingly acknowledge that there are bad landlords he clearly has not the slightest concept of how ‘bad’ they can be.

His contribution trivialises the genuine levels of disrepair I have been told about first-hand by a number of tenants. And I can assure him it constitutes a great deal more than just ‘a bit of mould’. I would be prepared to wager even he might be appalled.

His letters says that there is a campaign ‘...to vilify landlords...’ and is ‘..grotesquely politicised..’ and ‘..promotes the naïve and rather stupid perception...’ of ‘..private landlords...’.

No, the objective is to ‘vilify’ bad landlords. ‘Politicised’? Well, yes. Obviously landlords are not going to police their rogue colleagues so the job has to be done by politicians of all persuasions. If he feels that the campaign is simply party political, perhaps he should write to Eric Pickles (Conservative) and tell him to leave well alone.

To rent out property produces higher returns but at the same time involves a much higher level of responsibility for the quality of people’s lives. From the tenor of his letter it appears that Mr Benson has had bitter experience of poor tenants. If he wants a quieter life, he should sell up and invest in stocks and shares. Or he could lower his rents and attract a larger number of people to choose from.

So next time he wants to respond to a letter in the press, he should please engage brain before putting pen to paper. Or at least put his reading glasses on first.


Hill View

Station Road