LETTER: Site is not right for new flats

Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001
Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001

I formally lodge my objection to the new planning application HS/FA/16/00857 for the construction of thirteen apartments at 35 Tower Road.

It is with grave concern to observe development of this type in-fill developments similar to Chapel Park and Woodland Vale roads destroying Bohemia village character by traffic increase, further pressure on local primary schools for school places and yet more local businesses loss and jobs.

Currently a further block of apartments on Bohemia Road is under construction and with further housing developments being planned for on the cricket field site and behind the police station.

The area is increasingly developing into a massive housing estate. Lidl supermarket located their business in a prime location to benefit from the future super housing estate. Good on them.

I think everybody are aware of the desperate need for housing, however this application is not suitable for the area.

J. J. Jansen

Salisbury Road


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