Letter: Only one destination for Bayeux Tapestry

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It isn’t called the Battle of London, WC1, the site of the British Museum, and it isn’t called the Battle of Battle even if it was battled at Battle – which is doubtful considering that no-one has ever found any of the two million human bones – 10,000 dead, each made up of 200 bones – that littered the ground when the fight was over.

No, it’s called the Battle of Hastings and that is exactly where the Bayeux Tapestry should go on display if it ever comes to the UK.

Mind you, if a copy of this edition of ‘Le Hastings et Saint Leonards Observateur’ drops through the letter box of the Elysee Palace, home of the President of France, Monsieur Macron may well change his mind.

On reading it he will learn that the embroidery was made by English seamstresses who took every opportunity to tell the true story, and not the spin that the Normans thought they were putting out.

For example, it shows King Harold as a hero rescuing drowning people, which was not the sort of image that William wanted people to have of him.

It also depicts Harold being crowned by an archbishop, thus proving that he was the legal King of England, something that William strongly rejected and was the reason behind his invasion of England in the first place.

It also portrays the Normans as a cruel and vicious enemy, pillaging and slaughtering the local population as it advanced on London.

Having second thoughts yet, President Macron?

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent, Lancing