Letter: Hastings green spaces under threat

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I am perhaps, one of the few who are pleased that the “huge state-of-the-art” sports complex has suffered a major setback.

Of course we’d like lovely sports facilities, but I feel the places mentioned for the complex to be situated and the 400 houses to be built, would be totally unsuitable:

Bexhill Road area has far too much traffic already, saturation point surely reached already? How could anyone think of using up the space mentioned?

What about the wildlife, plantlife, and a bit of fresh air, so vital to our lives? We surely cannot use up all our small green places; it’s ecologically very unsound.

Horntye Park would be a great loss in fact.

It has a delightful walk actually within the town; the loss of trees, therefore the loss of birds and insects of all kinds. It’s so suitable for people with young children and those with more limited walking abilities; once more the problems are the same: traffic and poisonous fumes, space for parking, and loss of green habitat, just a little delicate area within the town.

Building on or near the Pilot Field – more traffic and loss of green areas, think of all the fumes released by so much more traffic.

The traffic engendered by football matches has never been a real problem as the “big names” in soccer rarely get a chance to perform here.

Have the residents been asked for their views?

Yes, I know we have to find places for people to live; but this really only means that houses built in this scheme would be unaffordable to those who really need them.

As a woman, I do use my hard-won vote, but I am not political, only trying to do the right thing for our “deserving poor”. And yes, a very old-fashioned phrase, but still useful.

Please, local council, do not allow building on precious little breathing spaces of green within our town – just use up all the flats and maisonettes in poor state (renovated, of course, and checked for any underlying difficulties) that are around in Hastings and St. Leonards, and other properties to be compulsorily purchased.

All power to the Grotbusters!

And what about asking Sir David Attenborough?

S. Illman

Elphinstone Road, Hastings