Letter: Dismay over St Leonards Marina parking

Marina car park. Photo: Google Street Maps
Marina car park. Photo: Google Street Maps

I am writing to you to express my concern about the parking situation on the Marina in St Leonards.

Since the times for free parking at Marina Car Park were changed from 6pm-9am to a very impractical 9pm-7pm it has been virtually impossible to park at night.

I work as an adult education teacher and on most week nights I come home about 9.30pm: at that time it is almost impossible to find a parking space on the road, even within a ten-minute walk from my house in any directions.

When the parking times in the Marina Car Park were more reasonable residents in the area could park there for free at night and that solved the problem of lack of spaces on the road. Now that car park is just a waste of space as it is always empty at night.

The situation is getting desperate: my 84 year old mother got fined £70 this morning at 8am for partly parking on double yellow lines at 9.30pm last night as there was absolutely no other space to put it. What is she supposed to do? Park 15 minutes away and walk that distance at her age in the dark and possibly bad weather?

Other people are resorting to parking on the pavement or obstructing passage ways.

We pay road tax and council tax so we should have the right to have some space to park our cars for free, at least at night.

If the times of the Marina Car Park were changed to what they used to be the problem would be solved.

The change in parking hours has also affected other areas where free parking now starts at 9pm rather than 7pm or 8pm with a negative impact on restaurants.

Susy Fra

Marina, St Leonards