Letter: Bus services will deteriorate

Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001
Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001

On Thursday, February 1, I travelled on the 2.03pm 99 bus from Eastbourne to Hastings and I noticed that it left on time.

As a result of congestion in Barnhorn Road, it ran so late it has to turn round in Bexhill and passengers had to get another bus, reaching Warrior Square 44 minutes late.

A little bit of Barnhorn Road had been dug up and there were traffic lights, and I think some parents might have been driving in Barnhorn Road to collect children from primary school.

Andrea Needham has pointed out that when a new road is built, congestion always returns, sooner or later (Observer, December 8) and Derrick Coffee has said that the county council predicts the amount of traffic on the A259 will increase (Observer, January 19).

I think we need bus lanes and the other proposed improvements.

If nothing much is done, bus services will deteriorate as congestion gets worse and worse, and more and more people will feel they need a car.

Elizabeth Jones

Stonefield Road, Hastings