LETTER: Accept result and move on

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Am I the only person that is wondering why this country spent all that money on a referendum when the result is to be ignored?

Now let me explain something to the remain camp - when I voted to leave I expected you to respect the result. If we had got the remain result that you wanted would you have gone for remain light?

Oh no, it would have been full blown, the European takeover of this country.

So please stand aside and stop showing sour grapes and accept that what most leavers wanted was to leave, lock, stock and barrel. Yes, leave the single market, stop giving our hard-earned cash to corrupt bureaucrats to give to their mates and to hand to countries that are broke, mainly because of corruption, and above all stop the free movement of people, for work or otherwise. Remember, we have millions of people claiming benefits in the country, perhaps they could be put to work first. Also, we have record homelessness - where are we going to house all these people?

I warn the ruling classes that we have had very poor turnouts in elections for years. The main excuse people given is, I quote, ‘it makes no difference what I vote, they do what they (government/ruling classes) what they like anyway’.

Now we had a good turn out for the referendum and yes the result is at risk of being overturned! Don’t grumble when turnouts go down, because they will.

One last word would be to any politician who appears on TV or radio and demeans the voters in this country by trying to explain to us, the voter, that we are too thick to understand your argument and then try to explain what we really think. Just for the record, I do understand and I know what I think.

Just remember the French farmers are desperate to sell us their produce. The Germans have already made noises about a trade deal because they need us, the Spanish rely on our holiday trade... They all need us, not the other way round.

Graham Bisson

Vale Road

St Leonards

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