Let us find more interesting topics

One of the most entertaining features of local newspapers is the letters page.

Unfortunately, in recent times this facility seems to have been hijacked by writers seeking to bore us to death either with political comment or else complaints about complex legal issues which are of no interest to the average reader.

In last week’s Observer over 50 per cent of Your Views was given over to letters relating to the voting system in the UK or the proposed EU Referendum.

Having endured months of political campaigning I think the average reader has read, listened to and viewed more than enough of this rubbish.

The majority of these letters were nothing to do with local issues in Hastings and could have been reproduced in any local or national paper in the UK.

The other type of letter which raises my blood pressure is one typified by the complex legal arguments relating to planning decisions.

When I first heard about the local residents objections to the proposed redevelopment at the Country Park I thought they had some genuine concerns especially about volume of traffic and street parking.

Some of the residents, however, seemed hell bent on destroying sympathy by flooding the paper with blow by blow arguments about whether HBC had complied with Sub Section 2, Para 8, Clause 6 of whatever Act.

The views expressed became so selfish and bizarre that frankly I now couldn’t care less if HBC invited Club 18-30 to run the new centre!

Let’s hope readers can find some different, interesting and perhaps controversial subjects to write in about otherwise nobody is going to bother to read these letters in future.

David Martin

Langham Road