Let’s ‘jazz up’ Hastings

FAMOUSLY Hastings! I love it! I suggest a subtle ‘jazzing up’ of our town to reflect our forward looking nature, while paying homage to 1066 and all that.

Let’s start by renaming some areas of town to bring them up-to-date. Of course, we have the Old Town district already. How about Little Italy for the area by Pelham Roundabout, serviced as it is by two Italian restaurants (The Italian Way and Trattoria Italiana)?

We could call the area from Castle Street by Del Boy’s steps through to the pedestrian crossing at Harold Place Midtown, leading through to Downtown, being Robertson Street and the Trinity Triangle.

The Americans are very good at this sort of thing. In fact, why don’t we ask San Francisco to be our ‘stateside twin’? We have lots in common - hills, fog, cable cars, cold sea on the doorstep and a thriving arts and music scene to name but a few.

Who’s with me?

Viva Hastings! Viva Councillor Jeremy Birch!

Let’s go!


Canute Road