Let’s get real

I comment on headlines in the Observer (October 19), ‘Residents furious as homeless move in’.

It is quite amazing how people grade others, those people who live in houses worth £400,000 may I ask where did they get their money from?

Those of us who remember the 1960s may recall £5 per week a reasonable wage if you bought a house then, had children, ran a car and paid your bills, one would have to doubt to have £400,000, if it all came in an honest way.

We must remember technology has replaced the need for labour. We could of course go back to cutting the road side hedges with a swop and clean out the ditches with a shovel. Any volunteers?

So let’s get real with jobs, homelessness and well-being.

Most people are against the travelling folk, but we may be seeing more of them with the lack of real affordable housing.

However if you want to meet a real crook follow the man that goes to work in a suit and lives in a large house. Who will throw the first stone?