Let’s celebrate, not ruin, heritage

I CANNOT believe that our elected representatives on the planning committee will seriously consider passing the scheme for the Archery Ground, an integral part of Burtons’ St Leonards, which is to be put before them, I understand, on June 20.

For readers to find out why this flawed application is to be deplored and fought, just click on to www.savethearcheryground.org

Readers might also be interested to know that news of the unique Regency New Town is getting around.

“Burtons’ St Leonards is at last getting the recognition it deserves,” recently commented Judith Norris, landscape architect and member of the Conservation Committee the Garden History Society, in response to an article she had just read, James and Decimus Burton’s Regency New Town: 1828-1837, published in the Georgian Group Journal.

This journal is now being circulated worldwide by one of our leading and most respected national amenity societies. The Georgian Group is a statutory consultee in the planning system.

Their journal is ‘the authoritative journal of record’ for the early modern period, with as strong international reputation for reliable scholarship, cited more often than any other in the definitive Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600-1840.

So, let’s celebrate, rather than ruin, our unique heritage in St Leonards.


Woburn Place