Let’s admire the architecture

WHILE we can all be justly proud of all the events we hold during the year, endorsing our diversity and ingenuity, let us not overlook our fantastic built environment which deserves to be promoted alongside all the ecellent community activities.

There are buildings and architectoral features that are unique to to this 1066 area, and there are so many examples to provide excellent strength to our bid, for example, where else would you find a town built within a town by a world renowned architect? Not forgetting our St Mary-in-the-Castle and Bexhill’s de la Warr.

I am concerned that we have expert advice to really do justice to the outstanding features we and our neighbouring town possess. Do let us make sure that we draw attention to, and celebrate our built heritage and the many historic and unique features that other towns cannot aspire to.

We know how much we constantly strive for investment and economic growth. However our past surely has a special role to play, it is after all our own unique inheritance just waiting to be appreciated by those City of Culture judges.


Linton Road