Let Henry and Lucy’s centre continue

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I WAS distressed to hear from Lucy Gastall that the council want to take back the running of the Britannia Enterprise Centre from them.

I have known Lucy and her family for years.

Lucy has been helping to run the centre with her father now for the past five years and she is still now only 21.

She is the brightest, most hard- working girl I have ever met (besides my wife) in Hastings.

She has worked casually for me on and off and at times single-handedly run the centre in her father’s absences, and during this time attending college and then university.

Some 95 per cent of people are for her father Henry and Lucy keeping the place. They have a full repairing lease on the centre. What a nightmare if a tenant amends his unit to make garden gnomes from cement, and the next one in there wants to package birthday cakes, for example.

No, let Henry’s and Lucy’s centre continue. For any new start up business there you pay four months rent in advance and if you can’t pay any more you are allowed to stay for another two months, and Henry has always paid the council what is due. Not all small businesses can afford the rent in media centres

Both the present Government and the former Labour Government have wanted to help small businesses, so the council should also be looking along these lines.

Not everything in this world is about profit. Not everything has to be sanitised – only big companies can be like that, but they all started small once.


High Street