Let both sides negotiate for peace

While the Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign (HPSC) and its allies have every right to voice their opinon about the situation in Gaza the Israelis too have a right to be heard.

Let us get the record straight.

In 1948 the UN granted Israel’s right to exist through a majority vote of the organisation’s members.

In a 1948 Egyptian newspaper the Arabs admitted they made a mistake by asking the Palestinians to leave Israel and hand the land back to them once they have conquered Israel. The Israelis told them to stay and we will see you okay. The Israelis won and the Palestinians never did go back to their homeland.

In 1967 the Arab nations attacked Israel and lost. The same thing happened in 1973 where once again Israel was attacked, starting with Syria trying to regain the Golan Heights. The arabs also lost that war.

The land Israel now stands on is not occupied land but land taken by them in their right of conquest. Israel would only be too happy to hand a lot of territory they gained back to the Palestinians. But Hamas has taken over the Palestinians and is using the civilians and their houses as shields to fire rockets into Israel rather then spending the money to improve the lifestyle of the Palestinians.

The Arabs don’t want Israel there and it is not shown on any Arab map. They will only be content when it is pushed back into the sea.

Israel has the power to flatten every Arab nation but has always shown restraint from doing so.

Let both sides now hold the olive branch and negotiate peace.

Montague Modlinger

Bohemia Road