Less exciting, but more important

A RECENT correspondent drew attention to potholes in Hastings, seemingly a national problem but a serious issue in Hastings​.

Ahead of the local elections, councillors have been predictably vociferous in these columns on a range of issues but silent on issues some of which are of real concern to residents.

Politicians nationally and locally often seem interested in flagship projects that secure their legacy, like HS2. In my experience people are often more concerned about the issues close to their hearts that are less exciting, but affect their daily lives.

Potholes, poor road and pathway surfaces are among these issues, a problem where there is little collective will to keep up with road deterioration, yet used to be easily and promptly fixed. Councils nationally pay huge sums in compensation for road defects and these continue to present a significant danger to cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians crossing roads. Residents in Pevensey Road, Tower Road, Pilot Road, St Helen’s Down, Cornwallis Terrace and Beaconsfield Road (among many other areas locally) will know the problem.

I wrote to my county councillor and am still waiting to know his views. He did however pass on my letter to the assistant director of East Sussex Highways, Karl Taylor, who tells me that there a large number of maintenance gangs in Hastings, seeking and fixing.

I was assured that the full budget from Government grants was being spent on repair work. I pointed out that I had reported problems on the “Fix my Street” website, so there did not need to be too much seeking and those I had reported had had no attention, many months later.

Some of the actual road defects did receive attention quickly while others just a few yards away from those remedied, such as in Bethune Way, Carlisle Parade and White Rock Road remain in a cavernous state.

We need better quality control on those repaired to ensure other serious defects nearby are fixed simultaneously, assuming the large number of gangs are doing all they can. We also need better communications on what is being done and we need to know what out county councillors are doing to represent this problem.


Ochiltree Road