Leisure costs are too high for teenagers

The array of leisure facilities in Hastings is irrelevant if people can't afford them
The array of leisure facilities in Hastings is irrelevant if people can't afford them

THERE are plenty of leisure and recreation facilities around Hastings: the cinema, seafront arcades and amusement park, there’s no doubt about it.

But these activities are all so very costly and unaffordable for many local teenagers, specifically students, whether they are unemployed or employed.

With its staggeringly high unemployment rates and a large number of students struggling to pay alarmingly high travel fares each week - to school, college and university - at the end of the day there just isn’t the money for youth to enjoy themselves.

For the local youth of Hastings, money doesn’t grow on trees and not many families, parents or guardians can afford to help their children out during this time of economic crisis.

As a teenager myself, on an average trip into town on the bus to see a film at Odeon, I can part with a total of £12.90, just for a return to Hastings and a single cinema ticket and that’s even without the cost of food and drink.

The overall cinema experience is ridiculously expensive to say the least and we as a society wonder why the number of films being downloaded illegally each day is rocketing.

While the cinema is an expensive option for a rainy or even bright day, if the sun is shining, the Stade’s Flamingo Park seems to be the ideal place for the youth of Hastings and families alike to enjoy themselves.

But with prices as high as £5 for just one ride, many locals find this aspect unattractive.

Who really wants to go to an amusement park and only be able to afford one ride? Conventionally, people moan about the youth of Hastings hanging and moping around in the streets but what else is there for them to do when some teenagers can’t even afford travel fares around the town?

If leisure activities and travel costs were made affordable for the youth, I imagine the town’s crime rates would fall dramatically.


Geary Place