Legs much better than wheels in the snow

I WOULD just like to ask, why do people insist on parking their cars on the main trunk roads of Hastings at the first sign of snow?

Unfortunately there seems to be some moronic idiots who think it’s a good idea to clog the main thoroughfares of Hastings (e.g Filsham Road or Harley Shute) with the cars they would usually happily park on their drives or on the smaller back roads when a dusting of snow is forecast.

No doubt these are the same people who whinge and whine about the council not doing enough to keep the roads clear.

Do these amoeba brains not realize that due to their selfish actions it is nearly impossible to keep the roads clear, as a perfectly useable two carriageway road has now been choked down to a single lane, thus the ploughs and gritters can no longer clear the road effectively and therefore the road condition stays at non ideal for longer.

I live in a back road and like most people need to get to work, so at least twice a day I have make the “essential journey” that organisations bang on about when snow or slightly chilly weather is forecast.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for these abandoned vehicles on the roadside as they never seem to go anywhere even when conditions have improved.

When they do move they leave behind a large pile of snow in the middle of the road for other normal road users to avoid.

People need to get back on the move as fast as possible after bad weather for many reasons so, halfwits – leave the car on the drive or learn how to drive properly, don’t leave it as an obstacle for others.

Let’s face it, the snow never lasts long around here anyway and there are other ways of getting about in the snow if you’re not a competent driver.

You could try one I learned at about a year old. It’s called WALKING. It may be a bit unfashionable but it is effective.


Bulverhythe Road