Leaping to the defence of the mayor

WHAT a shame you had to print such an offensive letter from Kitson Wellard last week, and give it such prominence.

I didn’t attend the Remembrance Day service and can’t comment on the music or lack of it, but I can comment on the unstinting hard work done by Kim Forward ever since she has been in post of Mayor.

Is Mr Wellard aware of recent cuts to the Mayor’s office? That the post of mayoral chauffeur has been axed, so instead of being able to arrive at functions rested, she’s the first mayor to have the stress of traffic and parking to contend with now? How easy is it to drive in Mayoral robes?

Her previously full-time PA is now part-time, with an obvious increase in workload for the mayor.

Perhaps Mr Wellard’s opinion of her sunglasses will be more reasonable if he is informed that Kim has very sensitive eyes and has to protect them outside all year round.

There are plenty of people around who don’t care for our town, and who don’t do anything to make it better, and who constantly complain the loudest about its problems. Mr Wellard sounds like one of them, and he should save his criticism for the others.

I think that for Kim the position of Mayor is less about what you’re wearing and more about what you’re doing... and she ALWAYS looks lovely!

Helen Fryer

Pevensey Road

St Leonards-on-Sea