Leader column was ‘unfair’ to MP

I CONSIDER your editorial of December 17 to be both unfair and biased against our MP Amber Rudd.

Not only did you fail to mention that the Labour government left an enormous financial mess which has resulted in the necessity of drastic and urgent action but you also failed to mention that despite the cuts that everyone has to face, Hastings is still one of 10 highest subsidized towns in the country.

The tuition fee was introduced by Labour and the new level of repayment per month will be less than that presently in force and with a higher starting rate. I further understand that children from the poorest families would be exempt from the first year’s fee, and, in a low wage economy like Hastings, the new £21,000 threshold will mean that many more local students will be able to fully establish their careers before any repayment is required.


Down Oak Farm,