Lapdancing club is no credit to the town

TO READ your report (“Lapdancing club owner slams councillor critic”) you might imagine this club is a credit to the community, a beacon of light amidst the dark.

Owner Mr Eldridge has even criticised councillors, especially Cllr Matthew Lock, for even suggesting that sex work could be linked to prostitution.

Mr Eldridge is skilled at presenting a cuddly image for what is a very unpleasant operation, which uses women and girls as sexy “dancers” for the titillation of men.

He has failed to provide any rest area for the women so they have to hang around in the street outside, tolerated men hanging around in the street waiting for a nod from the “security”, blocked the road for quite a while with a people-carrier with windows so heavily darkened that you couldn’t see anything inside, used his so-called security to watch residents who are simply walking up the road, and created a very unpleasant and intimidatory atmosphere in Prospect Place – where that part of the road (opposite the derelict Observer building) is quite dark and sight-lines are poor.

For a long time he had a photo of a woman with a bare bottom, and a red light above the main door.

Residents have repeatedly complained to the council, local councillors and police about this operation.

No, I don’t like Mr Eldridge or his “XS” club.

Please, Matthew Lock and all councillors, keep up the pressure and make sure there is a consultation as soon as possible where residents can say whether they want this club there or not.


Prospect Place