Lacuna Place: finished or unfinished?

I HAVE been reading your letters page with interest because we have an office in Havelock Road, opposite ‘The coastal business haven’, which is what Priory Quarter is being called.

The letter from Peter Chowney, of Hastings Borough Council, last week said “Lacuna Place was completed in 2008” and I feel that this is not quite right. Carillion is the construction company for Lacuna Place, has been there for a long time and has a site office at 7 Havelock Road, which our office overlooks and when I went to work for a few hours on Sunday I was surprised to see the Carillion workers were working too.

I think it’s good that Carillion were working over the holiday weekend but surely this would not be necessary if the building was completed in 2008.

Also, Jane Hunter’s letter about the approach to Hastings Station is actually true. Ever since Princess Anne opened the college the whole place has been surrounded by fencing, not just the wooden fencing in the front but at the higher level there is metal fencing as well.

This is not very attractive.


Grove Road,