Lack of urgency on dangerous bend

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SEVERAL months ago I spoke to a lady police support officer in Little Ridge Avenue and experssed my concern over the potentially dangerous hazard caused by people parking on both sides of the hilly bend between the rear entrance to The Conquest and the parad of shops.

The officer acknowledged my concern and seemed to agree with my views, and told me that she and local residents had held a meeting where the matter was raised, and that some positive action by the local authority was anticipated.

This part of the road is virtually reduced to single lane traffic, and a sunken manhole cover halfway through the bend aggravates the problem.

Are the powers-that-be waiting for a serious or even a fatal accident to happen before they act to stop the parking on either one or the other side of the road?

The drivers parking on this bend must be well aware that they are putting other drivers and their passengers using the road in jeopardy.

I cannot understand why, in a town where so much emphasis is supposedly placed on road safety in the form of road-narrowing and bone-shaking humps, that such a glaringly dangerous situation is treated with such a lack of urgency.


Old Road Road

St Leonards