Lack of fine detail in waste disposal plan

THE waste and minerals plan was discussed by East Sussex County Council’s cabinet at Lewes on October 11, and you can see it on webcam or look at the very long document which I would advise all residents to pay attention to.

The county councillors expect the residents to comment on a plan which identifies Pebsham as “an area of focus” and does not confirm the actual location of any preferred waste disposal or what process will be involved.

Will it be an expansion of the materials recovery site at Freshfields or will it be one of the small incinerators for proximity disposal that might be needed, or an aerobic digester?

We just don’t know until January 2012, so how can we express an opinion?

Of course, we all agree with good disposal of waste and recycling but please tell the people of Pebsham what we expect to have here, and, remember, we have had 15 years of opposing Reprotech and the sewage works.

We have now been promised a country park as a reward for more than 70 years of landfill.

Come on, back Pebsham, all residents of Bexhill and Hastings, and don’t let the county council hoodwink us with a consultation period of just over two months and insult our intelligence by commenting on such a vague document.


Filsham Drive