Lack of clearance work by council is snow joke

I FEEL I must write to voice my disgust at the council’s lack of snow clearing in both Downs Farm and Ore village itself the other Sunday morning.

After seeing on the local news how prepared Sussex and Kent were I think it was a disgrace personally.

The fact that Downs Farm is a bus route, and Ore village is a main road into town actually beggars belief.

I’m sure council tax covers this so where does the money go? The fact that heavy snow was being forecast for Saturday night from mid-week means that the council cannot say it had no warning of it.

I am sure I am not the only resident in Downs Farm to feel this way. The road leading into Red Lake School was still dangerous three days later but the school was still open. Local residents including elderly people had to use this road to get a bus into the town centre.


Crowborough Road