Keep plans in right direction

HOW I do agree with Robert Mucci (Letters, October 11): do not change the flow direction at the foot of the High Street.

In areas where ‘shared space’ (vehicles, cycles and pedestrians) is being tried, the scheme works well. We almost have this now in the High Street.

Pedestrians wander up and down randomly in the road and vehicles, realising the potential dangers, slow right down.

If direction is changed, at what exact point will the bit at the bottom (leading to the car park and which will have to stay two-way) change to being one-way?

Large delivery lorries need access to the pubs in George Street early in the morning. It will be almost impossible for them to get there via Roebuck Street. They will need to come up past the car park as they do now.

I am also against the idea of putting another pavement on the west side of the lower High Street. Instead, make it obvious that this whole bit, from the A21 to say Swan Terrace, is ‘Shared Space’, with pedestrians having priority but allowing slow vehicular access. Problem solved.


The Bourne