Keep it indoors

SO some cats have been shot with an airgun. Many more are injured and killed by cars.

There are some nasty injuries from cat fights, especially between toms. Female cats which have not been neutered can suddenly produce kittens that are hard to give away (the cat shelters are bursting at the seams and turning cats away).

And cats are themselves killers, accounting for huge numbers of fledgling birds as well as other wildlife.

There is a solution, which many owners have already adopted: keep the cat indoors. The animal will be healthier, less prone to fleas and ticks, will have the run of your house or flat, and won’t bring in any dead or dying victims for you to dispose of. Yes, you will need to provide a cat litter tray because what goes in must come out - it’s yours, all yours.

I have known many happy cats that lived indoors all the time. They only get into the habit of going outside if we encourage them by providing catflaps (also providing easy access for all the neighbours’ cats) and putting them outside because we don’t want to deal with their excrement.

I like cats. Some people don’t, or are allergic, or don’t like cat poo in their gardens. Let’s keep our cats to ourselves.


Milward Road