Jerwood is a ‘jewel of a gallery’

MR Pycock in his letter last week gives a very distorted view of the Jerwood.

I have recently taken friends there from Brighton and Winchester who expressed delight in finding such a jewel of a gallery

in Hastings. The scale of the gallery is intimate, no need for a guide, and fits so well into its surroundings.

A long-term resident myself, I find the changing exhibitions a real treat. A recent show was of Jeffery Camp who lived in the Old Town for many years, and there are always very accessible examples of work by leading 20th century artists upstairs.

Surely this is the whole point of the Jerwood, not to reflect Hastings and Sussex - there are other local museums for this.

As for ‘popular art’ I don’t think the De La Warr goes in for much of that Mr Pycock.


Stanhope Place

St Leonards