Jazz for breakfast

MULTI-instrumentalist Mike Hatchard is to be congratulated for arranging another rousing jazz breakfast at St Mary-in-the-Castle on July 17.

It could have been the last, bearing in mind the long-running, seemingly record-breaking uncertainty about the building’s future.

I don’t know how many towns have jazz breakfasts, but St Mary’s improvised sessions have certainly rung the bell with me and my friends and relatives over the last 14 years.

However just as Rother District Council has made over Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion to modern art, so Hastings Borough Council is now trying to make over St Mary’s to youth. Best of luck to modern art and young people, both good causes.

But the council’s moves augur a thin time for ageing jazz fans, who no longer relish going out at night.

For a population getting older, the 11am Sunday breakfast has been one of the best social inventions in jazz history.

Could it have been a Hastings 1st?


Wickham Avenue