It was a breath of fresh air

May through the pages of your paper I congratulate your own publication for a return to normality and hopefully a return to the great paper that it once was and can be again.

This is not a ‘put the paper down letter’ so please keep reading.

Richard Gladstone’s double page spread was a breath of fresh air, firstly for being an excellent read with great pictures and secondly not being blown to bits by adverts every other word!

His fresh approach made it a good read and also a great diary of his exploits but the ending left it dangling in mid air leaving the reader wondering if there will be a final part or whether he ‘beamed’ back from abroad!

I feel a summing up would be good, ie best country, ease of communication, travel links, food etc and personal summing up.

Knowing how newspapers work it would have been down to room in the publication and that is where the paper has been going wrong over the last couple of years where advertising has taken priority over news content and even I, as a loyal reader for over 40 years, often thought of cancelling it, particularly when the price went up to 80p but now a breath of fresh air is returning to the paper it’s becoming worth it again.

Also good to see the return of court reports, which shouldn’t have disappeared in the first place.

I hope that you will seriously consider this for publication as I am just saying what a lot of people have been saying to me!

Again well done Mr Gladstone.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards