It’s not a solution

I WOULD like to endorse the anti-link road advert in your paper last week (Observer, January 11), and all those who have stated good reasons for their opposition to the road.

As I and others have argued before, this road is just an excuse to build thousands of homes (therefore creating more traffic) in an area which is already over-populated - that’s the main reason why Bexhill Road is congested these days for goodness’ sake!

The most vocal supporters of this road are, inevitably, business people (particularly property developers) who are out to make a quick buck, and politicians who think they can make easy, short-term political capital out of it because it seems popular.

I think the local population are being hoodwinked by the local business/political class into thinking this road will solve traffic and employment problems in the area: it won’t.

More houses equals more traffic, and thousands more people looking for jobs in an area where there are few on offer already.


Roundwood Road

St Leonards