It’s ‘desecration, not renovation’

WERE we meant to be impressed by the architect’s drawing, published in last week’s Observer, of how the former council welfare and benefits offices in Wellington Square could look after renovation? I, for one, would call it desecration, not renovation.

Wellington Square is one of the gems of Hastings’ architectural heritage and the council should not have allowed these buildings to stand empty and deteriorate.

How can it grant planning permission for the ruination of these classical buildings in a conservation area? I thought that there were special controls over the external appearance of properties of special architectural and historic interest. Other developers in the square have painstakingly restored the beautiful Regency windows, balconies and canopies and preserved them for the future of our town.

Why can’t John McCart and the developers, whoever they are, do the same? Could it be that it is cheaper to strip the buildings of their architectural detail than restore them to their original splendour?

I hope it is not too late for the conservation officer and the planning department to insist on the amendment of these appalling plans before the beauty of this Regency square is spoiled forever.


Fairlight Road