It beggars belief plan got approval

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Mrs M Sherwood, Malvern Way, Hastings

Talk about organised chaos. To me it beggars belief that planning permission was granted for the Ice House Rock-a-Nore Road refurb to let Roebuck Doctor’s Surgery transfer premises.

I objected to the move of the doctor’s surgery, on the basis of road chaos at Rock-a-Nore, which is jam-packed at times, summer and winter.

Are the council going mad or are they to widen the road? I doubt it. Parking is bad enough now, let alone with a surgery with a gym, café, plus.

Is it another way of this council making money on car parking fees? What’s in it for the council, I wonder?

It is bad enough now getting to Roebuck Surgery – no direct buses, taxis £5 each way, £10 in all from Broomgrove now – but it is further again to the Ice House Surgery. No buses too, and a long walk from the nearest bus stops, if you are able to walk. Taxis are even dearer.

No consideration has been given to the elderly, disabled or anybody else for that matter.

I spoke to the Sea Life Centre and Hastings Fishing Museum and they were not impressed with the Ice House surgery either, mainly due to road traffic chaos.

What of the refurb that was done to Roebuck a few years ago, with a lift installed? What a waste of money. It is known the NHS is short of funds.

This change of location I understand was to go for a “formal consultation exercise” with all “stakeholders” and “patients” included.

There hasn’t been one so why has planning permission been obtained and granted?

As I said, it beggars belief and is organised chaos. I rest my case. The NHS and Hastings and Rother CCG need to look at this.