Is this legal?

THE director of adult social care at East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has announced that there are to be cuts of some 30 per cent this year with more to follow next year in services and support given to carers and those in need of care.

This seems especially reprehensible in view of the fact that these are some of the most vulnerable people in society. Carers already save £119 billion a year to taxpayers for scant returns. Mencap has already estimated that eight out 10 carers are at breaking point.

Removing services may push many over the edge. Apart from these considerations it seems that attempts to make such cuts are illegal.

Professor Luke Clements at Cardiff Law School has pointed out that councils must meet assessed needs. They must fund support and care and financial considerations cannot be used not to do so. The law is unchanged - a care plan or a direct payment if one is being used must be sufficient to meet a persons ‘assessed needs’.

Councils cannot impose limitations on the amount of any support. Dumping a whole lot of care on carers and using them as a free resource should not be an option and carers should strongly resist any attempts to do this.


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