Is more unaffordable housing what we really need in Hastings?

From: Samantha Cullen, St Pauls Road, Hastings

The plans for the new developed Hastings town and seafront look great, but at what expense?

With councils having to fulfil government housing quotas, Hastings council are proposing to fulfil this by selling land to private developers, who will then provide a small percentage of social housing.

The proposals for; The Oval, Horntye Park, and areas around Summerfields, being turned into housing estates for those on a higher salary, and the profits being used to develop the town.

Is this right, is this what the town wants?

For me, I have no faith in Hastings Borough Council, I believe I am not alone.

Surely they need to build confidence in the local community before we can trust their proposals? The area around Warrior Square station is filthy, managing the collection of rubbish appears to be too difficult to organise, how can we be confident in their proposals if they cannot manage relatively simple jobs?

An area for people to learn watersports, in a seaside town would be positive, affordable for all. Perhaps a GP/dementia/sensory park at Horntye?

Also providing other facilities for older people, where families can all visit, but in a ‘safe’, large enclosed area, with a café?

Children from the three local schools, all of whom probably live in the area of high deprivation (Central St Leonards being in the top 20 most deprived) also using the park and its facilities?

Is this what we really need or is it more private unaffordable housing?