Irresponsible owners and their dogs are a risk

AS the majority of Hastings and St Leonards residents already know, Alexandra Park is an astounding sight all year round.

On a summer’s day, there’s simply nothing more relaxing than sitting on one of the many memorial benches in the park, closing your eyes, listening to the serene sounds of nature as the sun shines warmly down on you.

With the regular and effective maintenance of the grounds conducted by the local rangers, Hastings residents should be proud of Alexandra Park’s increasing popularity amongst both the locals and tourists all year round.

But with an increase in dog walkers visiting the park, it is undeniable that there has been a steady increase in dog attack reports featured in the Observer each week.

The park may seem like the ideal place to walk your beloved dog, but if people aren’t responsible enough to keep a close eye on their dogs and keep their dogs on leads which is stated clearly throughout parts of the park then many regular visitors of Alexandra Park may be reluctant to put their dogs or even young children in such unsafe positions.

Although dogs are allowed off their leads at the northern end of the park heading towards Old Roar Gill and Coronation Wood, owners still ignore the rules that dogs must be kept on their leads in the first part of the park where children of all ages play and wander and where dog walkers abiding by the rules walk their dogs in a safe manner.

Rules regarding dogs being kept on leads should be displayed throughout the park more thoroughly and if these rules are still disobeyed then this misconduct needs to be dealt with before dog walkers decide to walk their pets in more safe and convenient areas of Hastings.


Geary Place