Inspector shows the human side of policing

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I WAS pleased to read in the Observer that Inspector Ling will not lose his job simply for sending a joke to a colleague.

Yes I know he is a police officer and should be above reproach, but this is PC gone mad.

Criminals daily are let off by lenient judges, for far worse offences but a man, albeit a policeman sends a joke to a friend/colleague and is pilloried.

What an utter waste of time and public money.

He is also a human being and a quiet word in his ear by his senior officer would have sufficed.

It is a good job the general public’s PCs and mobiles are not monitored with the amount of non-PC jokes flying around.

I often receive jokes about the Welsh, do I take offence? No I have a good laugh.

My Irish friends tell me to only send them Irish jokes. I wish Inspector Ling best wishes for the future, it’s good to know we have at least one human policeman in our midst.


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St Leonards