Increasing parking fees in Hastings is only bad for business

Hastings Borough Council
Hastings Borough Council

From: E. R. Crisford, Greville Road, Hastings

Hastings needs tourism, workers in the town and shoppers for the beleaguered shops and businesses.

The people in charge of the council-run car parks, in their infinite wisdom, have increased charges by, in some cases, double and in others, triple!

It is not a fair increase and surely could harm visitors to the Old Town, the pier and the White Rock, the shops and the cinema. Some fees start at 7am and do not finish until 9pm. How is this encouraging anyone to visit the town?

Now, instead of full (fees paid) car parks, we have almost empty ones! People need to use their cars as the bus transport in town is also overly expensive and, therefore, if there is more than one person it is not financially viable.

Coaches are supposed to park in Falaise Road but are increasingly parking on other main roads to avoid paying parking charges, resulting in reducing further the limited free parking spaces for people who need to work but cannot now afford to pay car park fees!