Inaccuracy has caused concern

IN response to the article ‘Traders anger at yellow lines’ featured in the Observer (December 20), I can assure residents and businesses that there are no plans to put double yellow lines outside any of the shops in Ore. There has never been a proposal to do that.

The petition that has been circulated is inaccurate, has caused needless concern and should be withdrawn.

The only proposals that affect residents and traders of Ore are:

A) The removal of two-hour waiting restrictions in favour of unrestricted, unlimited parking from 404-434 Old London Road,

and B) the addition of a motorcycle bay outside JS Gedge Motorcycles.

If anyone hears this type of misinformation in the future please email me or call me on 01424 431701 and I will have the latest facts to hand.


East Sussex County Council

Baird & Ore ward