In support of dear friend Peter

I WRITE in responseto the Observer article regarding the death of my dear friend, Peter Owen, in the Lauriston Christian Care Home in St Leonards.

It is important to express how caring and kind the staff of the care home were and Peter himself repeatedly said he could not have been better cared for even if he had been in the most expensive treatment centre.

In expressing my opinion in this letter, there is no intention to offend or criticise any religion or other organisation that might regard the way that Peter chose to die as contrary to their spiritual or moral principles or opinions.

Those that oppose ‘death with dignity’ are entitled to their opinion and may choose to die naturally without any intervention relating to the final event of their lives.

It is also legitimate for those of us that think the end of life should be a dignified event to campaign for the right to have their views respected by others and legitimised by suitable, carefully considered legislation enacted by Parliament at Westminster.

If anyone opposed to Peter’s way of bringing his death forward could have seen the way he suffered, I am sure they would at least have sympathised with the option that Peter implemented.

We all want to cling to life while it is still bearable, but my guess is that many individuals that oppose Peter’s action, will, when the time comes, wish for a painless and dignified entry into the long sleep.