In praise of NHS after collapse

LAST Friday lunchtime I collapsed on the Stagecoach 99 bus from Bexhill. Thanks to the prompt action of my fellow passengers and the bus driver I was in the care of the South East Coast ambulance service within a very short time. Thanks again to all involved and apologies for delayed journeys.

In recent years I have unfortunately become a too frequent customer of the ambulance service and Conquest A&E department. On each occasion I have been impressed by their skills and cheerful competence. Lying on an A&E trolley gives a little insight into the pressures they have to work under yet somehow they remain good natured, caring and endlessly patient.

As a senior senior citizen who remembers health services prior to the birth of the NHS I am so grateful that for most of my life the NHS has been there for me and 60 million other citizens. Put aside the politicking it’s a wonderful service and all the health people I’ve had dealings with particularly the A&E staff at Conquest, are first-class examples of what the service should be.


Gresham Way

St Leonards