Improved links, yes, but don’t think ‘car’

PETER John (Observer, 28 October) might have been less inclined to make the case for the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) had he been in possession of more accurate information.

Current plans do not include improvements at Baldslow to link the Ridge with the A21 and A28, so if the BHLR increases traffic on Queensway, this is likely to cause more congestion in that area, not less.

Moreover, as most of the traffic between Hastings and Bexhill is local, it seems most unlikely that all link road traffic would turn left at the BHLR/Queensway junction and travel towards the Ridge.

For example, anyone travelling from the Bexhill area to Hastings or St Leonards town centres via the BHLR would turn right towards the Wishing Tree area, in which case congestion there will almost certainly become worse as well.

In other words, relieving congestion on the Bexhill Road would be achieved only by redistributing it to other parts of town.

The reason that the proposed A259 eastern and western bypasses were turned down in July 2001 by the then Secretary of State for Transport was that their projected transport benefits were deemed insufficient to outweigh the certain environmental destruction that their construction would have brought.

This conclusion remains just as true today for the BHLR.

If built, a unique, beautiful and tranquil landscape and its wildlife would be sacrificed so that some drivers might get minor reductions in their journey time.


Collier Road