Improve our boating lake

I visited Alexandra Park the other day and was appalled to see the state of the old boating Lake.

It seems to have been covered in what appears to be lines of plants across its width.

I have lived in this town most of my life and I remember when the boating lake was one of the main features of our exceptionally good park.

In those days was used for boats that you could hire and take young children onto the lake in a very safe environment.

I also remember that it was used by model boat enthusiasts which was always of enormous interest to other visitor.

We still have a number of young and older model boat enthusiasts in the town who like to use this facility but because of the new planting will no longer be able to do so.

Eastbourne has Princess Park which has a thriving model boat group, and many of our residents will now have to travel to Eastbourne to enjoy their hobby.

What an opportunity Hastings is missing.

We have an excellent lake which is suitable for a comparable model boat fraternity but now only seagulls and ducks will b able to use the lake.

I will be very interested in your and others’ comments.

Nick Friedlander

The Ridge