‘If you really need to cuddle, get a pet’

I WISH to issue a plea to all those who think they have the freedom to force their unsolicited affections on the disabled.

I cannot tell you the times I am inundated by the well-meaning in their need to molest me with their affections. It is horrible.

Personal touch and personal effect is for those who are closely related to you and those you know well and trust, not just any stranger in a street, at a meeting or at an event.

Can we have a safe non-molestation, non-invasive, intelligent middle ground that treats me like an adult, not a cuddly toy or favourite pet.

There was an old-fashioned saying when I was growing up about unsolicited and patronising fondling and touch – “It is so workhouse” – meaning the person in receipt of it does not usually have any choice except to accept the fondling. Please keep your hands to yourself. If you need to cuddle something, get a pet.


St Helens Road