Ideas are just castles in air

THE exhibition last Saturday So Create A Difference Hastings showed a number of architect’s ideas for improving Hastings.

It could have been titled the Ego Trippers. The first drawing showed an architect’s ‘amusing idea’ for our precious and magical Ladies Parlour green hillock on the cliff edge by the ancient castle ruins.

This proposed the erection (sic) of a vast crane like white plastic staircase rising on a slant to nowhere in the sky.

West Hill residents would rise up and dispose of this pretty damn fast.

The next ‘bright idea’ for Old Town showed a bright yellow plastic roof for a street market among the medieval houses. This yellow plastic thoughtfully matched the tacky yellow plastic arch for the entrance to George Street.

Another drawing showed a proposed walkway running between our ornate stucco houses in the town centre at first-floor level thereby blocking off the view of the buildings and the sky. Why? No reason was provided.

I hope the council ignores this and we don’t need a campaign.


Vicarage Road